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Comfortable chair(s)
Comfortable office
Sit back & relax
Aromatherapy offered in each session
Drawing out your inner wisdom
Hypnosis w/ muscle testing
Supporting children
Coaching offered with each session
Hypnosis offered w/ muscle testing
Hypnosis for your best self
Empowerment Coaching
Coaching for minors
Often a hypnotic story does wonders
Empowerment coaching
Empowerment coaching
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Specializing in "root work"
Empowerment coaching
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comfortable office w/ aromatherapy
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Have faith
More shots of empowerment coaching
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Space for littles
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Essential Oils
Session for minors
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Safe space for processing
Comfortable office
Comfortable office
Jillian's Story

Jillian pursued her first degree in Psychology and worked for a large brokerage firm until she had to take some time off due to health issues. During this break, she underwent healing through Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Body-based therapies, and Nutrition. She realized that she wanted to follow her passion for service to others, which led her to study for a 2nd degree in Occupational Studies in Holistic Health Care with a Concentration in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology.

This program enabled her to study various healing arts and holistic modalities, including Clinical Hypnotherapy, (Advanced) Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, Polarity principles, and more. Jillian became passionate about supporting individuals who had experienced trauma and began exploring Subconscious, Somatic (body and nervous system), and Play Therapy approaches. She has obtained various certifications in these areas and is registered with accredited associations in each one.

Jillian's unique approach combines Somatic/Trauma Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Play Therapy, and Empowerment Life Coaching, all from an extensive trauma-trained and attachment perspective. This whole-brain-and-body approach resources and rewires both the conscious and subconscious mind alongside the nervous system, aiding in the resolution of unprocessed emotions, unmet needs, and traumas that lead to undesired thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs. 

Jillian's deep understanding of nervous system regulation techniques helps the body achieve physical balance by resolving tension caused by unresolved stress, anxiety, or trauma that can remain trapped in the body and nervous system. Commitment to supporting her clients' physical and emotional well-being is at the forefront while having a practice that affirms each client's unique neurodiversity and/or neurodivergence. She further incorporates her deep knowledge of attachment systems to understand and resource how things impact relationships with self and others and is also trained as an IFS-informed Therapist (Internal Family systems™ and parts work). She finds significant meaning and joy in working with children and adults of all ages (ages 2 and up).

Jillian offers workshops, training, and classes, including monthly PEER (Providing Education Empowerment & Resource) learnings and groups for parents and caregivers. She also provides mentoring options and programs for other practitioners. Jillian is an approved assistant and sessions provider for both Somatic Experiencing™ and DARe™ (Dynamic Attachment Repatterning experience). Her goal is to promote the benefits and awareness of trauma-informed ways of relating to oneself and others. She draws on bodily and nervous system awareness to help others tap into their innate intelligence from an attachment-informed place of unconditional regard.


Jillian is also a published internationally best-selling co-author of the book "Inspirations" and a published blog author.


Last, when she is not working or learning, Jillian reports that nothing beats spending time with her family. She says, "They are such an integral part of who I am, both personally and professionally, and I owe so very much to my two sons and an incredible husband. Without their love, support, and grace, none of this would have been fully possible!"

The Office Space

It is of the utmost importance to us that our clients feel comfortable, safe, and at ease so that they can focus on "Shifting from Struggle to Serenity." We have found that feeling safe in session is a key factor to each individual's transformation, so rest assured everything you do in session will be done to hold a space that strives to ensure you feel comfortable, understood, and honored. The very foundation of our approach is to hold space for, honor, and draw out each client's innate intelligence, healing, truths, and abilities. This is done so you can be supported to harness those innate abilities to experience safe and integrative transformation and healing.

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