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"I struggle a great deal from anxiety and panic disorder from C-PTSD. Jill's sessions have helped me tremendously. She really focuses on the individual patient and shows she cares. I have never felt more comfortable in a healing setting. I highly recommended her!"

-Danielle P

"I've been seeing Jillian for 8 months and it has been life-changing. She has helped me work through my childhood traumas which have severely impacted my postpartum anxiety and anger. The first session was beyond healing. Jillian creates a safe, welcoming, and trusting environment that really fosters healing and growth.

My son has been seeing Jillian for play therapy for 5 months. He'll be 3 in a couple of weeks and I am so thankful that we started when we did. Since seeing Jillian his language has exploded, he's able to work through big emotions that come up for him, he's taking redirection and is able to choose more appropriate ways to get out his feelings, and so much more. Jillian has helped his father and I be better parents to him and she gives us ways to help make us feel more successful as parents.

I truly don't know where we would be without Jillian and her support. She has truly made a huge impact on all of us and I am so grateful to the work with her helping me the entire way."

-Marissa D





"I went to see Jillian for hypnotherapy and wasn’t sure what to expect. Within a couple of weeks, my life started changing for the best. The services she provided were making huge differences in my life...Things I had been dreaming about were coming true. With only 4 sessions with her, I had gotten my dream job and was able to move to an area that I had been trying to get back to for 10 years! There are still amazing blessings around every corner. I am very grateful for Jillian and her relaxing vibe, her sincerity, her calm voice (which assists in getting into that important space for growth) and of course her talent. She is very talented - a natural. She is meant to do hypnotherapy/coaching and is a blessing to whoever dares to change their lives."

-Christianne O


My session was incredible... not only Jillian made it so comfortable and listened to my need to guide where I needed to go mentally, but she was also able to help me access and solve my deep fear of several issues I have been working on all my life. One of my fears was fear of flying, and during the session, I recognized something powerful, and she directed me and gave me some advice that felt perfectly aligned with me. And after a few weeks, today I saw a powerful dream and I have become conscious that I have overcome the fear. Jillian also helped me to go deep down connect with my ancestry trauma, and I can smoothly operate my daily life. It was a transformative & powerful session and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

-Kyoko K

I cannot tell you how much our lives have changed since our son began working with Jillian. He had been having some issues in school mostly due to ADHD and had been struggling with trichotillomania since preschool (pulling out his hair). The breaking point was when we were alerted by his school of a troubling picture and an overheard conversation where he mentioned he didn’t want to be alive anymore. He was already seeing a therapist, and nobody understood why. We were referred by our therapist to Jillian since we all agreed it must be more subconscious.

Jillian really took her time to make our son feel safe and accepted. Because the sessions have been mostly play-based and client-lead, he LOVES going to see Jillian! And although traditional therapy has helped, this was the approach that has changed everything! Her approach of teaching him how to use “the magic in his brain and body” to help him out with whatever he chooses has really been a game-changer both at home and school. Over the last few months, he has just blossomed and she as even worked with us to make some subtle changes some of our our family dynamics that have really helped.  

The one piece of advice I have is to see it through and be consistent. In the first few sessions, we saw a small change but only on what he wanted to work on. The second a little more started to change at school for the better with his focus, and we were stoked! That being said, in the next several sessions, he actually went into denial about almost everything, and we considered stopping there. I mention this because it isn’t uncommon apparently, and I want other parents to know that we saw the biggest changes in the sessions following that! I am talking about grades, homework, emotions, happiness, relationships, arguments and self-confidence. In fact, my husband and I have been talking about how glad we are that we stuck to it for the last month, and I finally decided I needed to sit down and write this review!!

She has taught him how to focus his thoughts and feelings/sensations on what is helpful, which has actually helped us to do the same at home with both him and our younger child. Heck, it would be amiss of me not to mention that she has even taught us a few of those “tools” throughout this process, that have helped US! In just a  few months, almost every single struggle he was having is either gone altogether or manageable. I mean it makes sense now, what kid - or parent for that matter - doesn’t want to feel/be more in control of their environment?!

Last, it seems worth mentioning that I have referred both a friend’s daughter and terminal family member to her and they have done nothing but rave as well. To say I highly recommend Jillian, would be an understatement!

-Brandi C

"I genuinely cannot say enough about what a God send my sessions with Jillian has been! I had been struggling with more anxiety and depression over this last year and have tried almost everything to manage it without medication (nursing mama here). This was honestly a last ditch effort before throwing in the towel! Not only has each session left me feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders but I have discovered some personal strength & clarity I didn't know existed! She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable & even works with you to make a realistic "plan of action" each session. I have 1 session left and I am already feeling like a new person! Highly recommend!"

-Jules D

"I recently experienced my first hypnotherapy session with Jillian. She was warm, kind and immediately put me at ease. I suffer from anxiety, so she tailored our session around my symptoms and helped me come up with realistic goals to help create a more balanced home/work life. The actual hypnosis was as relaxing as a massage session. I think this was my biggest surprise! I left feeling rested, renewed, hopeful, and peaceful. Jillian has a very gentle spirit about her, and her voice is perfect for the guided meditation. I had no expectations about how I would feel physically during the guided meditation but felt weightless, and open. (I realize this may sound strange, but is the best way I can think to articulate it.)  I will definitely be going back to Jillian, and recommend her services to anyone looking for an alternative approach to managing their symptoms. 
Thank you Jillian!!!

-Alyssa L

"My experience with Jillian was a fulfilling organic process that was both healing & invigorating. The multi-layered approach brought about clarity in my intention setting and support in identifying obstacles. I left my first session feeling very peaceful & excited for my next appointment! Her approach is both personal and professional, which leaves a lasting feeling that her work is authentic & meaningful through any approach."

-Larissa N

"My session with Jillian was awesome. She made me feel relaxed and at home during our session, explaining what she was going to do and answering any questions I had. Jillian is very knowledgeable about holistic living and is a great teacher! I have asked her an endless list of questions and she is always patient and thorough in explaining things to me. Jillian's positivity and optimistic attitude is truly infectious, she has the unique ability to help others work through issues and see the brighter side of things. Whether you are new to holistic living and coaching or have been to sessions before, you will feel welcome and grateful that you met Jillian. She is also very funny and simply a lovely person."

-Ashley K


I have to say I am a very happy camper so far. I have felt I could benefit from somatic work for some time now. I thought I may as well go with Jillian since she works with the subconscious and the body, which has always intrigued me. I am honestly surprised by how quickly I have seen results. I definitely feel that whatever blocks I had are for the most part either gone or manageable and I am beginning to feel a new and clear sense of direction, both in regards to the direction I ultimately want to take with my career, as well as my life and spirituality. I feel I am finding it more natural to look at my life with a more positive perspective and feel I am moving in the direction I am meant to be, which was ultimately my hope I suppose. Our sessions have been an organic and easy experience. Nothing at all what I expected out of this type of therapy to be honest. I would recommend her.

-William C

Wasn't sure about hypnotherapy, at first, but there have been some vast improvements since the first session. This really works, and am very happy with the results. I definitely recommend hypnotherapy to anyone seeking help with any issues in their life. Jillian is very professional, and she values the needs of her clients, plus she responded very quickly to me...I'm looking forward to the next session.

-John M

"I have experienced benefits from working with Jillian on all of her services, hypnotherapy, somatic experiencing, natural living, and parent coaching. Everything she does is professional, passionate and caring and she does it with great energy that is so helpful! Jillian has found her calling and it certainly is helping people in all walks of life."

-Bill H

"Jillan was great, is great! Her knowledge she happily shared to me. I felt very comfortable sharing with her. Never did i feel rushed. I love the follow up after the meeting too- we get busy in life but she checked up on me to see how things were going. The whole experience was great! See you soon! Thank you!"

-Kim S

"My first appointment with Jillian was amazing. She is thoughtful, skilled and insightful."

-Martha H

"7 days without smoking and feeling going to make it for the long haul."

-Michael D

"A spiritual practitioner is known by their energy more than their credentials. Jillian is a gentle, loving soul with expertise and passion in her area of work. She is able to go with the flow of the client, is thorough in her intake and holds space very well. My Past Life Regression with Jillian was wonderful! Thank You Jillian.

-Rima D

"I have experienced Jillian's expertise with hypnotherapy, coaching, and somatic trauma work. She has also made several recommendations for essential oils that have made a big impact in my life, such as the EndoFlex. I am seeing much better results taking this than I ever did with my prescription thyroid medication! Jillian has a very gentle, insightful, and intuitive way about her that invites deep conversation about whichever issues you are seeking to work through, and is effective at coaching you by making simple suggestions and guiding you to your own realizations and integrating them into the hypnosis and nerovus system. I highly recommend you work with Jillian when seeking your optimal emotional/physical/spiritual wellbeing!"

-Melissa K

I don't normally write reviews but I wanted to share my experience due to the change it has made for me. I had quite a few things I wanted to work on but primarily I had taken up smoking again since being done with nursing but experiencing some major life changes and anxiety. What was really crazy to me is that she focused on not just the quitting aspect, but also all the emotional triggers I am going through that make me want to smoke. So after my very first session not only was I able to quit, but my anger and anxiety were notably better. What is strange is that is all has seemed very....normal? It seems like this is just me but then I will remember how crippling a lot of these feelings and thoughts were just weeks ago! So over the several sessions, we have been working on eating healthier and the energy/desire to exercise more (I have Hashimoto's so energy is hard to come by). For the energy factor, it has been a huge help...I have noticed, probably due to my Hashimoto's making it physically a little more difficult, that I have had to use the hypnotherapy recordings of the sessions (which I only felt I had to do once for the smoking) for it to help quite as much as everything else has. Regardless I have still seen a BIG, I mean actually very notable, difference! I actually have the energy to workout in the afternoon whereas previously I wanted to just nap haha. Plus eating less fast-food has been a difficult habit to break but has been a lot easier (and she turned me on to a reasonable organic meal prep service that has been helpful too). I still have some things left to focus on where my childhood trauma impact my health, but I have no doubt that this is creating and has already created a lasting change. My husband and co-workers have both commented on how I just seem a lot more happier overall and I have to say I really do feel that way! One last thing I wanted to mention is I really feel comfortable in her office space and just with who she is overall. She has an authenticity to her and you can tell she really does genuinely care more so than feeling like I am just another client...if that makes any sense? Anyways, hypnotherapy and the trauma work has definitely a game changer more than I ever thought it could/would be (or at least sessions with Jillian have been for me) and I highly suggest it to anyone and everyone looking to make a positive change with something they are having a difficult time with!

-Mary H

"My daughter and I are so blessed with our therapist Jillian at EleMental Healing and Coaching. My teen has suffered with anxiety and OCD, and PTSD, after we survived our home burning down. Therapy with Jillian has been just what she needed. After the very first session, there was an immediate and noticeable difference in her disposition. After just two sessions, my daughter asked me if therapy could already be helping! Absolutely, it has! I highly recommend EleMental Healing for children of all ages! The calming atmosphere is a sacred place for us, very peaceful and a beautiful office and play therapy room. Jillian's work really does speak for itself, she is a healer by nature! Forever grateful for the changes we have seen and for the breakthroughs on their way!"

-Sara G

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