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"National Coaching Academy: What is the most rewarding part of your career?

Jillian: In a word, Empowerment. I quickly realized that effective coaching, for me, was not about telling my clients what to do but instead drawing out their own innate intelligence. From that space, I believe anything and everything can be possible! This approach has allowed me to hold the space for more transformation and miracles than I could’ve imagined! Best of all, I get to witness each client stepping into their own empowerment..."


"Southwest Institute of Healing Arts: Jillian completed the Mind-Body Transformational Psychology degree program and believes Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy have been the tools with which she’s created the best version of herself.

Jillian: It has allowed me to understand the way humans operate on a deeper level than I could've ever realized,” she says, “Most importantly, it’s given me the absolute honor of seeing what incredible things we can do when someone holds the space for us to heal. Miraculous things occur when we connect to our own innate wisdom and healing.”

Jillian created EleMental Healing & Holistic Coaching, where she is a Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist & Empowerment Life Coach working primarily with those whose trauma is manifesting in harmful ways..."


"Voyage Phoenix: Tell us more about the business.

Jillian: I’d say what sets my practice aside from other practitioners in my area is similar to what I am known for which is my deep-dive approach. My sessions average 2 to 2.5 hours and I like to get the root of what will allow us to move forward – and do just that – in the very first session. Each session draws out the client’s inner wisdom through coaching and applies it to foster optimal results. We utilize the information from coaching & integrate it (along with my other modalities) into each hypnotherapy session. Each experience is fully customized to the individual and because of that, the very first session is..."


"Southwest Institute of Healing Arts: As our understanding of mental health continues to evolve, it’s becoming clearer than ever that postpartum struggles with depression, anxiety, and trauma can have a significant impact on entire families, from the new mothers who are wrangling with the challenges of having a baby to their partners’ aiming to adequately support them. Stepping in to serve in this sector is Jillian Holper, a life coach and hypnotherapist with a passion for providing guidance to women throughout some of the hardest parts of their lives.

Jillian: I knew from the get-go that supporting moms with postpartum anxiety and depression was something I wanted to do and was passionate about. What Jillian didn’t anticipate was having a secondary specialty show up in her practice. “Smoking and weight management clients just kind of fell into my lap,” she recalls. “It was never part of the plan, yet I realized this is something my clients are seeing significant results from and that feels just as good as the shifts I am facilitating with my mamas..."

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